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Eye Glasses

We offer a large selection of frames to suit your budget.  Our selection board is updated monthly and if you choose a unique frame that you want to be only yours, we will take that frame off the selection board.  Your glasses are a statement of who you are and we want you to take your time in that selection.  You will receive advice on the style and type of lenses to achieve your best sight and fit.


Contact lenses can change the color of your eyes but what you don't want is raccoon eyes from mascara changing the color around your eyes!  We offer BLINC mascara that stays on.

We also offer lash lengthening Latisse.

Vision Therapy

There are many conditions that can interfere with how one "sees" and understands what is seen that can benefit from vision therapy.  Words moving around on the page when trying to read, losing one's place when copying from the board, double vision, lazy eye are a few conditions that we see frequently that certainly affect how one is able to be successful at school or work.


It all begins with a comprehensive examination, listening to your concerns and determining the health of your eyes.

We value you!


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Often times, parents ask when can their child have contact lenses.  The answer is when they are responsible and beg for them.  The reason is contact lenses are a medical device and should be respected. Many times teenagers ignore symptoms that require the removal of their lenses. That is why responsibility is important.  Learning about the insertion, removal and care of lenses requires one to be dedicated to go through the "awkward" stage.  Many have watched friends and think there is nothing to it.  A strong desire helps ease the learning process of proper care.
Of course, this goes for adults, also!

Contact Lenses